Get more players though Bounty Poker's New No Deposit Bonus

February 21 2014

Bounty Poker's new no deposit bonus will help you sign more players and earn hundreds in revenue.

Bounty Poker has switched to 5th gear this February by launching a brand new no deposit offer that you are going to love. Even if you are just starting out in gambling affiliate marketing and don’t have any contacts, Bounty Poker is a great choice start. Use their No Deposit Bonus to turn your first prospects into clients and build a relationship from there. If you have unanswered questions, contact us or start a Demo Account and take a look inside now.

The Truth Behind No Deposit Bonuses

There is only one thing no deposit bonuses are meant to do. And that’s to increase the traffic of the poker site. They are especially useful for new, small poker rooms. Just like Bounty Poker.

Bounty Poker is a great poker room overall. They’re unique, reliable, etc. But one thing they are lacking is traffic. It’s a relatively new poker room and not surprisingly they don’t have many active tables 24/7. This new no deposit bonus should fix the current situation.
What’s in it for you? Well, your 40% revenue share deal will only bring you cash if your players are playing at the tables. The bigger the traffic, the more time your players spend and collect more rake.

How it works

The no deposit bonus at Bounty Poker is currently $9+$11. The first part of the bonus stays the same. Upon registration every new player gets $9 FREE to play. To get free cash he or she needs to provide their ID to the Bounty Poker support.

The other part is an additional $11 also released as a no deposit bonus. But in order to get it, players first have to collect 250 points. That’s great for you as your players are motivated to play more which means more revenue for you.

Bounty Poker is best for new players so be precise with who you target. The fact is new players don’t play many tables at once and don’t really have bankrolls to make use of massive deposit bonuses on other sites. Help them start out with some free money, maybe teach them the basics of Open Face Chinese Poker which would guarantee players staying on the site and earning revenue for you (just because there are so few other places to play OFC).

If you want to know more about Bounty Poker, check out their review, visit their official site or contact us with questions.

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