$300,000 in Freerolls again at 888Poker

February 11 2014

While Winter Olympics 2014 have opened in Sochi, 888Poker decided to use it to their advantage and have a Poker Olympics of their own. It has just kicked off and offers up to $40,000 Freeroll tickets up for grabs. Plus, 888Poker is also giving away weekly $2,000 luxury packages to Venice, Italy to play 888Live this April! Join 888Poker today, earn up to $200 CPA for each new player and boost your gambling affiliate revenue. If you are hesitant about starting out, you can always contact us.

Winter Poker Games

888Poker has put aside a nice chunk of money for Poker Olympics. $300,000 will be given away for their players absolutely free. Just like in Winter Olympics players will have to prove there are worth the prize. But in the end, the rewards are amazing.
Everyone gets $10,000 Freeroll tickets to start. To get more freeroll tickets players have to complete an array of special challenges from 9 February to 8 March. At least two per day will guarantee your players a new freeroll ticket.

Challenges include:

• Play over 30 hands on cash or $1 tournament on mobile device
• Play fast-fold poker SNAP on 888Poker (30 hands or $1 tournament)
• Play 30 hands of Texas Hold’em
• Play 30 hands or $1 tournament of Omaha
• Place 30 best on any casino game

Conquer Bronze, Silver and Gold

In any sports event you can only win one prize. With 888Poker anyone is eligible for 3 prizes – Bronze ($20,000 Freeroll) Silver ($30,000 Freeroll) and Gold ($40,000 Freeroll). Here’s how it works. Two challenges per day reward players with $10,000 Freeroll tickets. The number of tickets your player wins during the promotional period will determine which of the Final Freerolls he will be able to enter.

• Win 3 to get to the Bronze Freeroll
• Win 5 to get to the Silver Freeroll
• Win 8 to get to the Gold Freeroll

For a lot of beginning players this is a perfect opportunity to build a bankroll risk-free. Use the Winter games to gain new players and earn up to $200 for each!

$2,000 packages to Venice

Any of your more advanced players will want a piece of action at 888Live in Venice. Poker room has $2,000 packages ready that anyone can win at $190 +10 Sunday Finals or satellite through using $1 qualifiers! 888Live Venice will run 10-14 April.

Maybe January was a little quiet at 888Poker HQ, but there is a busy February awaiting. Use their promotions to convert more players! If 888Poker is your first affiliate poker room and you don’t know where to start, contact us! Or open a Demo Account, one of our managers will contact you and show you around! Remember that every player you sign up will bring you up to $200 CPA! Good luck!

888Poker special offers

Deal New Money Players Per Calendar Month
$65 1 to 5 players
$100   6 to 10 players
$125 11 to 30 players
$150 31 to 50 players
$200   51+ players
  • CPAUp to$200
  • BonusUp to$500
  • PCRHigh8.5

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