6 reasons why affiliate gambling is better than Sochi Winter Olympics

February 14 2014

Everyone’s eyes are now turned to Winter Olympics 2014 running in Sochi. Have you been thinking about how great it would be there right now? To take part in the competition? Maybe even host the whole event? Well, here is our take on all of this Olympics hoopla and why gambling affiliate marketing is much better than hosting Winter Olympics 2014 in Sochi.

Affiliate marketing vs Sochi Winter Olympics

Everyone has an opinion about these Winter Olympics including The Guardian and The Economist not to mention every other news channel, website and comedy show. And we thought to ourselves: “why don’t we give it a go?” So here are our 6 reasons why affiliate gambling is better than Sochi Olympics. Just don’t take it too seriously.

1. You don’t risk your life. Literary.

The first and most important reason is that you do not risk your life. We recently found a story about a man who was responsible for 5 Olympic ring fiasco during the opening ceremony. He was found stabbed to death at his apartment the same night. Witnesses report three men coming out of his room. Of course, the story is bogus but the fact that you almost believed it makes a case for a point, right?

2. It’s free to start

Business Insider compares the most expensive Olympic Games every held and the winner is…Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics that cost $50 billion. It’s free to start your affiliate marketing so it’s about 50 billion times cheaper. How about this kind of math?

3. You are not named “The Most Controversial” or “Illogical”

Winter Olympics, like any other will attract lots of awareness. More than you can ever expect with your brand. But there’s also a problem with that. Millions of people think it’s not logical to hold Winter Olympics at a summer resort. Moreover, so close to military zone. Everyone is also discussing Russia’s controversial anti-gay laws and how do they fit the true Olympic spirit.

Overall, these Olympic Games with not probably go down as everyone’s favorite. On the other hand, you don’t have to deal with all the controversy in your affiliate gambling. Just create a likeable brand and move from there.

4. Everyone is accepted

Once again, Russia’s anti-gay laws have divided the world. Some even propose to boycott the games. You don’t have to worry about that if you run an affiliate business. No one will try to boycott you. Your client can be anyone and no one can tell you different.

5. You don’t run the risk of embarrassing yourself in front of the whole world

As soon as they arrive in Sochi, journalists and athletes start tweeting pictures about their experiences. Reportedly, lots of things aren’t finished yet and even the ones that are finished are of poor quality. Sidewalks are not yet paved, grass is pained, and one athlete got lock out in a bathroom and got stuck in an elevator.

Well, not everything is working as a well-oiled machine. And some may say it’s a bit embarrassing. Luckily, as an affiliate marketer you don’t have to deal with problems like these.

6. If you fail, you don’t need to wait 40 years to try again

You probably know that Olympics are rarely held in the same place. Out of all, only a few (London, Athens) has an opportunity to host Olympic Games more than once. And those games were at least 40 years apart.

If you launch you gambling affiliate business and fail, you don’t need to wait until you get another opportunity. You can start thinking about your mistakes and fix them right away. You can even run different websites (for poker players, for casino players, etc.) simultaneously!

So, that’s it. If you weren’t convinced yet that affiliate marketing is better than Olympic Games, you probably are now.

We do hope you didn’t take this article too seriously. We all at Poker Affiliate World love Olympic Games and everything what they represent. What do you think about these Olympic Games? We’d love to hear from you so visit out Facebook page and leave a comment!

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