Answer 3 questions and choose your best first affiliate deal

February 26 2014

Everyone’s individual but these three questions (or, answers) will help anyone start out in gambling affiliate marketing business.

So, you’re starting out in online gambling affiliate marketing and want to pick the best program as your first one? In a lot of ways it’s a crucial decision. So, today we will explain why it is so important and how to make a best choice.

We have tens of poker, casino, sport betting and binary options offers but you need only one of them to start. Which one will it be? If you make a bad decision, slows start of your new business may demotivate you. So, make sure to take everything in consideration when you choose your first affiliate deal.

The deal you choose must be good for you as well as your players. So, things to think about include payment methods for your players, player bonuses, affiliate offer and deposit/rake requirements.

3 steps to pick the best affiliate program for you

• What’s your skill in the area?

Often you will have to interact with your players so first consider what could be your input in these conversations. Can you explain strategies, bonuses, etc.? Even if you cannot it’s ok. It just means that you will be looking at different types of players.

• Will your clients recognize the brand?

When your clients see that you offer that exact room, will they recognize it? Naturally, the more known the brand name is, the less convincing you have to do. However, there’s another side of the coin as well.

While beginners are more inclined to join a well-known poker site (maybe new poker rooms with no deposit bonuses) advanced players won’t mind joining a less-known site if it has a good offer like a deposit bonus and VIP rewards.

• Who is your target?

You don’t need to make a final decision here but just think about who would you rather deal with: advanced players or beginners? Is it someone who would love to try local live events or maybe massive WSOP series?

Beginners of course have lots of questions, many more issues with deposits and withdrawals but if you become their guide from the start they will likely stick by you for a long time. Advanced players on the other hand don’t need much explaining, they are guaranteed not to quit any time soon but if they get a better deal elsewhere, they might leave you.

And that leads to a bunch of other questions to but many of them are much simpler to answer once you get down these three. For example, once you know who you are targeting first consider what different bonuses they will find most useful, regular promotions, available satellites, etc. It makes no sense to promote Poker770 to beginner players through $2000 deposit bonus they offer. The good news is that many poker rooms are versatile and has something for everybody.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us or simply create a Demo Account and one of our affiliate managers will contact you, explain how everything works and get you started.

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