5 essential things to know about email marketing

February 21 2014

These simple things are crucial to your success. Get your message across and turn more prospects into conversions!

Do you think email is an old-fashioned way to communicate? Do you think it’s all spam now? Actually, the reality is a lot different. Email is still number one way for people and businesses to connect. The question is how well you can use it in your business. Do it right and it will play a major factor in your success as an affiliate. Here are several important tips on how to reach your full potential in email marketing and convert more players.

5 ways to improve your emails

You rarely get emails, don’t you? But you probably get spam every day. That’s the reason why you open so few of them! But it should not be like this. At least you should not look at email marketing as useless. In fact, with 13 billion email sent every day email is still the most powerful tool in your affiliate marketing arsenal. Use it!

Here are the most important things to know about affiliate marketing.

• Who’s your target?

While you’re still a new, growing business, use your main advantage – time you can spend on individual clients. They must be your leading priority. Make sure to know who you are sending your emails to. Not just gender and age but their skills in poker, occupation, marital status. The more you can personalize your emails, the better.

• Be familiar

When you write your emails try to be personal. You don’t benefit from sounding like a corporate auto-responder. Be a friend.

• Marketing Campaign

Think about your marketing campaign. It should not be just random emails you send out when you think is right. Decide what kind of clients you are going to target and how often do you need to contact them.

Consider when it’s time to switch from building a relationship to start selling.

Yes, we can say that 30 days work best but the fact is you need to experiment yourself. There are a lot variables in this equation and strategies change depending on whether you target casino players or poker players, beginner or advanced, women or men, etc.

• Email software

Once you start building and audience, invest in emailing service. Most of them have trial versions or are free with a limited amount of emails you can send out each month but it does pay off. You can use their email templates, create auto-responses, and analyze your conversions much better.

• Call to action

Ask and you shall receive. Sounds familiar? We promise, it works! Your email should have a crystal clear message but most importantly a loud and clear call to action. If you don’t ask them to read, sign up, click, buy...whatever it is you want them to do… they won’t do them. Ask!

Have you ever performed a proper analysis of your email conversions? Maybe they don’t get opened? Maybe they do but the message is not powerful enough to make people click?

In upcoming weeks we will be talking a bit more about email marketing and how to improve your conversions. But if you have any questions now, please contact us via email or on Facebook and Twitter.

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