The Beatles’ 50th Anniversary and lessons in affiliate marketing

February 28 2014

What can you learn from John, Paul, George and Ringo after 50 years?

Couple of weeks ago the world celebrated 50th Anniversary of the Beatles. 50 years has passed since four young rock-stars held a live concert on The Ed Sullivan Show. It was on February 9, 1964.

Let’s rewind.

Well, today The Beatles “Blackbird” came on the radio which started a discussion among us about whether today’s pop and rock stars will have their 50th Anniversary celebrated by millions of people worldwide.

Yes, the 50th Anniversary of The Beatles proved they were doing something right. What can we learn from John, Paul, Ringo and George?

OK, I give you this: being a rock star and running your poker affiliate business are miles apart. Or is it?

How The Beatles are similar to your affiliate marketing

• Success is not an overnight thing.

In order to make a name for yourself you have to work as hard as those four boys did when they met in 1957 and played for 3 years until anybody knew them. So be patient because it will take time!

• You also need a team

Maybe either one of them could have made an OK career if they went solo. But together they were like The Fantastic 4, The Incredibles, the A-Team, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles…Ok, I think we’re slightly off track now.

The point is this, you should have a team (two is also team) because it’s just easier, faster and greatly increases your chances of success. Plus, the other member(s) will not let you quit when you feel down.

Having a team can simply mean having different people you can assign tasks that they can do better than you (design a website, write content, interact on social media). Do you have a team?

• Endure challenges

It will be tough at the beginning. It always is. But if you can take it, continue doing what you do, at one point your business will boom. And the same applies to the mistakes.

The Beatles made plenty but that never stopped them. And neither should it stop you. So stay on-track, learn from your mistakes and focus on your final goal.

• Stay true to yourself

Over the years The Beatles have experimented with various styles of music but probably no one could argue that they did not stay the True Beatles. In the course of time they had their share differences but no matter what, they were ready to overcome it.

If you are just starting out, you should know how long the road ahead is. If you have come up with a plan, stick with it no matter what. Do whatever it takes. If you will have the determination, you will reach success and your ultimate goal. But keep in mind, that when it becomes hard you can always give us a shout. Use email or social networks and we will gladly answer all your issues.

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