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Here's how you can get better at social networking and earn more

October 10 2014

Last week we took a quick look at social networking. We talked about Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Quora, TiltBook and gave you several tips on how to improve your social presence. Today we continue going down this rabbit hole. We have a few tips that you might find useful as well as a few social networks, that we haven’t talked about last time. We hope that you will find this post useful and it will help you grow your affiliate business.

Ways to improve your social networking

There are many social networks and they all serve different purposes. Facebook works well to catch up with your friends, Twitter – to follow interesting people and trends live, etc.

The most important tip we can give you that concerns your company’s social networking strategy and, probably, your life online overall is use them but no more than you can actually manage properly.

You don’t need to be on 15 different social networks. If you feel that you can only properly manage one, that’s ok. You don’t want unanswered comments sitting on your Facebook wall for days. But also, you will get overwhelmed if you spend all day tweeting.
Develop a strategy (what you post and when you post it) and spend 15 minutes at a time on social networks, maybe 2 or three times a day. And if you have trouble with that, set a timer.

What is the most important for you?

What do you want to achieve on social networks determines your actions online. Do you want to make a name for yourself, popularize a brand name? Do you want to gain more shares, likes and traffic? Do you want to use it for interaction with your current customers?
Of course, all these targets are inter-connected but picking one which is your main goal is very important. It helps you focus and, like we talked jut now, not spend too much time on less important social networks.

Make multiple networks work together

Your every blog post should be shared. Add links to all other social networks your customers can find you on. If you post a Youtube video, add links to your website, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Also, when you share a post, you can tweak the headline a bit by using different keywords. This way more people can find you through search engines.

Test. Test. Test again.

Every social network has its own tools for you to analyze (Twitter Analytics, Facebook insights). Use them. See who’s your audience, what tweets and posts got the most traffic to your website, signups.
If you need lessons on each social network data analysis, let us know.


I seems that Google+ did not live up to its potential. Still, a lot of people and businesses use this social network every day. If you don’t have an account yet, we recommend creating one and familiarize yourself with it. Knowing how everything works will make a world of difference in your future marketing.
Explore how Google+ circles can work best for you, maybe you can use Google Hangouts. Whether you like it or now, the social network belongs to Google so being active will help you rank higher (instead of “likes’ on Facebook, Google+ used “+1”. You might as well give it a chance.


LinkedIn may be the most reputable of the social networks. Does that mean it’s no place for online gambling? Of course not. There are tons of people involved in the industry using ways LinkedIn in a variety of ways. Poker players, poker coaches, book authors. You name it.

Yes, it’s not Facebook or Twitter. But that’s a good thing. Different is good. As we talked, it serves a specific purpose so you know why are you there and what is your goal.

Overall, it’s a tremendous place to build trust and reputation around your name. Make sure to complete your profile data, post certificates you have received, show what you are all about.


This one is a most for the majority of affiliates. SlideShare was launched a while ago and purchased by LinkedIn in 2012. People can upload lots of stuff from PowerPoint presentations to videos, webinars and infographics.
Even if you don’t plan creating an account for you and your affiliate business, it’s certainly worth taking a look around to listen to what your competition has to say and see what are the trends of today.
As always, if you have any questions or comments, don‘t hesitate to contact us.

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