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What is Affiliate Marketing ?

The reason why Affiliate Marketing is so successful is very simple - it works. It works for everybody due to the fact that people involved with each other much more than in traditional sales.

Affiliate marketing at its very core is about relationships,
a relationship between four parties:

  • Affiliate

    Affiliate is the genius of relationships that helps both worlds, the clients and the businesses get their share. That goes double for online gambling because people not just spend their money, they invest it and hope to get some more. Online poker is a very attractive market for affiliates as every signing may be an instant to your pocket. Moreover, with minimum investment (of money) you can really earn money for life seeing others work for you.
    You know it is not it, don’t you? Affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick scheme. You may not know much now, but in the end of the day, you must be ready invest time to know your clients, understand their psychology and how the whole market works. There is a lot to learn but there is even more to gain!

  • Poker Affiliate World

    Why are we here? As the leading affiliate network in online gambling we are able to keep close relationships with representatives from different poker rooms and get the very best deals for our affiliates.
    And as for new affiliates, we are proud to say that throughout 10 years in affiliate marketing our staff has seen it all. Over 10.000 stories from failure to fresh made millionaires. We know what it is like to start a new business. Rest assured, we are here for you in every step of the way. Use our expertise, tools and resources to set everything up. And contact us whenever you have questions.

  • Poker Room

    In today’s world everyone has something he or she wants to buy or sell. In online gambling the target is not the service itself but the prospect, the dream, the endless possibilities. Most poker rooms may look similar - deposit bonuses, freerolls, promotions. Take time to understand what distinguishes each poker room. It will pay off.
    In PAW News we always emphasize why a certain poker room is special - keep an eye for that. And when you analyze on your own, notice the differences between traffic on different times, previous and ongoing promotions, freerolls for starters, selection of games, unique tables in the lobby (like 888Poker TeamPoker and PokerCam). Also, get to know the community - is there a blog or a forum? Are the members active? What are the most popular topics?

  • Client

    Working in an affiliate network like PAW has a massive advantage. You do not have to target the client alone. Poker rooms, PAW and affiliates like you is a mighty force in turning prospects into clients. And in online gambling it is important to keep your players motivated which working together is much easier to do.

I am a beginner. Where do I start?

Starting out is not hard at all but you must be prepared and there is a long road ahead in improving. First of all, you need a plan that can be as simple as a sheet of paper with an answer to the most important question - why will my clients choose me? Also, you need some knowledge of how the whole market works. After that, there is a niche you have to decide on and choose your first product.

Why will my clients choose me?

In online gambling as well as the whole affiliate marketing world, you should have a plan. Starting out is fun and exciting but try to stay as calm and realistic. Once you sign-up for your first affiliate deal, how will you promote it?

One way is establishing yourself as a member of a community. This includes social networks social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, etc. or maybe a blog or a forum. The idea here is simple - the more known you are, the more trustworthy you become. This take time so it shouldn’t be your sole focus but it does pay off in the end. But it is only one way out of thousands available. And this is actually the fun part of affiliate marketing - there are endless possibilities for you to choose not only what you want to promote but how you can do it as well.

Articles, videos, coaching, how-to’s, emailing, surveys, etc. are only a few of your choices. So take action now! Grab a sheet of paper and write down all the means available to you to promote your products. Work from there to make a general plan for your affiliate business. And remember that there is no Only Way to do it. promoting via Ads, writing quality blog posts, coaching online poker players, etc. are all great options. It is your freedom to suit what you like to do with the way you are looking to promote.

Understanding Affiliate Marketing

Next Step: before we move forward, there are a few concepts every affiliate should understand. If you happen to know them, feel free to skip to the next step. If you are not sure what terms like CPA or Revenue Share, conversion, cookie, etc. mean, stick around and play close attention.

  • Conversion. Let’s say you have a personal blog. If you are an affiliate of some hygiene product line, you are probably going to write a lot about how it has helped you. Unfortunately, it does not mean that every reader is a buyer. Even if you provide links to reviews and someone clicks on it, it not yet a sale. In short, conversion is finalizing a sale, helping your reader become the owner of the product.
  • CPA/Revenue Share. This is similar to conversion. Affiliates earn when their clients complete a specific requirement. It can be an action (CPA, Cost-per-acquisition) or a sign up (revenue share deal). These are more than ways to get paid, not only the ways you get payed. These are strategies where CPA focuses on one action your client must do and you get paid a fixed amount. Revenue share is more of a long-term strategy towards the same client. For example, revenue share at PAW profit you depending on how much does your player play.
  • Tracking. Once you have a product, you are already an affiliate. but you are not alone. How do you know how many of your visitors did purchase the product you promote? How does PAW know that? That’s what tracking is. A client that signs via your bonus code or via your link actually receives a cookie that tracks his activity.

There is a whole FAQ section that includes more useful terms and explanation on how affiliate marketing works. If there is something you can not find an answer, something you do not completely understand, give us a shout via email or social networks. Our experience staff keeps close relationship with managers of all poker rooms available at PAW so all your inquiries will be answered quickly and comprehensively.

Niche and Product

Now as you understand how the affiliate marketing works, it is time to take the most important step of all - deciding on your niche and your products. It can not be too limiting and there has to be some growth potential. A niche where you can sell physical objects as well as virtual ones is a good start. Look for possibilities to expand in the future, add or switch to a similar sub-niche, having to offer new things to your existing clients.

Online gambling is in many ways different from other affiliate markets. First up, you are not selling an item that a client buys once. This is a service. But even as a service it differs. Your clients e.g. online poker players and sports bettors are starting a little business of their own. They understand there is a lot of skill involved and they have to work (invest time and money) to succeed. And online gambling itself has so many engaging sides that any affiliate can make it as wide or as narrow as he or she likes it to be.

Choosing a product is much easier. No, really! The actual thing you have to do it put yourself in the shoes of your clients and imagine what would they think about this product? What do they already know and what they should? Once you try it yourself, you will achieve two things: expand your area of expertise and see what you like and dislike about the product. Take online poker rooms. There are two main differences between affiliate deals - it is the way you earn (CPA or revenue share). If your marketing strategy focus more on quantity of conversions, poker rooms with CPA should be your primary (but not only) focus. And vice versa. At PAW we have poker rooms where you earn up to 45% of what your players rake therefore revenue share fits a strategy basd on searching long-term clients, advanced players and even beginners anxious to improve rather than recreational players that spend an hour or two.

If you focus on maybe getting less conversions but making them long-term - choose revenue share poker rooms.

Other differences between poker and casino rooms include the games they offer, of what skill players are targeted via monthly promotions, etc. In very basic terms, rake races and raked hands races are leaned towards advanced players, frequent freerolls and giveaways are dedicated to beginners and intermediates. You will learn all of this along your affiliate world.

All in all, make sure you have a wide selection to cater all kinds of clients. Micro stakes NL Hold’em players look for different things than PLO or Stud grinders. And once you feel comfortable in your niche, move forward. For example, once you have a few poker rooms, extend to online casinos.

Affiliate Marketing With PAW

We are a team of professionals that have been working in this field for over 10 years. There is literally everything we already saw, every issue has been resolve. but that does not mean we are stopping. Along with new design, new affiliate programs we are working hard everyday to ensure that you can run your business as smoothly as possible.

Throughout the years we have helped over ten thousand affiliates to start out their work-at-home business. It is just natural that you have a lot of issues when you begin and that's why for the first few months we pay special attention to the inquiries we get from our new members.

Starting in online gambling is a great way to start your affiliate marketing - it is a massive market that can be as wide or as narrow as you need. For example, take online poker in Canada and a PLO Hi/Lo FL playing $1/$2 games.

In short, at PAW you can start earning from home with no investment needed. After that, only the sky is the limit. You can generate tens or hundreds of dollars every day and eventually you can even profit by doing nothing - you will earn your share from your long-term revenue share clients and other affiliates that have signed up at PAW through you.

Why Poker Affiliate World?

  • Transparency

    As an affiliate you are bound to be dealing with cash transactions frequently. You need a trustworthy partner in dealing in these instances. Poker Affiliate World has managed transactions with over 10.000 affiliates with very few issues occurring. Our time and money-saving system ensures that affiliates get all-in-one monthly payments for all the deals they have signed up for. Transparent reports help you see where you gain most and where are you falling short and react accordingly.

  • Best deals online

    Every affiliate offer among online poker, online casino, sports betting, options trading here at Poker Affiliate World is hand-picked by our experienced staff and carefully negotiated with representatives of poker rooms and casinos. Close relationship with these service providers exceeding 10 years allows us to offer our affiliates top-notch online gambling affiliate deals. Currently there are over 20 online poker affiliate deals not to mention the same amount of other deals.

  • Attention to detail

    We always strive you provide you with all resources that can help you profit more. We regularly collect information from poker rooms and other operators on traffic, promotions, etc. After we crunch the data we compile comprehensible reports with detailed statistical analysis that allows affiliates target their audience much better.

  • It is all about YOU

    Time has shown that the most important thing in affiliate marketing is the relationship with your affiliates. At PAW we know that it is all about you. Don’t hesitate to contact us, do not hesitate to ask because we were all beginners. If you do not know something or have some suggestions how we can make your affiliate business easier, go ahead!

We can not generate profits for you but all our affiliates will agree that we always provide guidance to those that are ready to become successful affiliates. And it is true that you may set up your affiliate marketing where you spend only a few hours a week and rake the rewards. But you being here shows that you are seriously thinking about affiliate marketing. If you are, let Poker Affiliate World be your best friend in this journey.

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