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Poker 770 - Review of Player Promotions

Poker 770 - Review of Player Promotions

by Karolis posted Jun 26th 2012 at 14:11PM 770 - Review of Player Promotions 770 - Review of Player Promotions

Here is one of our 'senior' online poker rooms – Poker 770 . They have been in the business for a very long time and can easily be marked as online poker experts. Being so experienced allows them to become versatile and feel what every online poker fan wants at any given moment. After all, they are all different and the time changes quickly. On the outside, Poker770 sends a vibe of energy and youth but the team here is in fact very professional and ready to help you or your players with any kind of trouble. One of the best advantages of this poker room is its versatility and being able to satisfy the wishes of beginners as well as give pros a reason to stay, too. Whatever the bankroll, whatever the skill – at Poker 770 your players will feel very much at home.

Let's look which of the deals at Poker 770 are perfect for beginners and which - for advanced players

To attract more players that are just starting out in online poker, Poker 770 has a great $17.7 bonus – no deposit needed. It is all simple and have a very short list of terms and conditions. Note, that details on the no-deposit bonus may vary according to the player's place of residence. The $17.7 bonus is divided twofold:

• $7.70 – in cash

• $10 – as a pending bonus at a casino.

Beginner players obviously are going to love the big deposit bonus but it is designed to keep the pros at the tables. A beginner will be even happy to make his $100 deposit to $300 while pros only look for the best – 200% up to $2000. It is not easy to complete the requirements and claim the full bonus but there has to be a challenge to get FREE $2000. To claim the whole $2000 your grinders will have to collect 150.000 Points in 45 days after the deposit (which equals over $6800 paid in rake). Good thing about is bonus is that players will get their bonuses in easy $2 increments – it does not get any easier than that!

Poker770 is only one part of a huge gaming network 770 which also includes casino games, Live Casino, Bingo, Sports Betting, etc. This is a big advantage and we think it will help a lot of your players to make up their minds stick with Poker 770 – gamblers come to poker tables to gamble. They depend more on luck than statistics, gamble, take chances more often which can be very profitable if your players play smart. That's why games at Poker 770 are known to be easier to grind than at other big poker rooms with more tight player pool.

VIP Club at Poker 770 differs from other online poker rooms at iPoker Network. Your players will become members with the very first hand they start playing but they will start receiving benefits from the second VIP Tier White. Even though you get better benefits as your VIP tiers go up, it is clear that Poker770 VIP program fits all kinds of players as players need collect just a few points to go up the tier.

VIP tiers:

Novice - required points 0, Points booster 0% Other benefits: N/A

White - required points 25 Points booster 20% Other benefits: 3 Freerolls

Iron - required points 100 Points booster 100% Other benefits: 4 Freerolls

Bronze - required points 750 Points booster 150% Other benefits: 7 Freerolls, 20% VIP Shop access, Cash Bonus

Silver - required points 2500 Points booster 200% Other benefits: 9 Freerolls, 50% VIP Shop access, Cash Bonus

Gold - required points 7500 Points booster 250% Other benefits: 14 Freerolls, 80% VIP Shop access, Cash Bonus

Platinum - required points 20.000 Points booster 300% Other benefits: All daily Freerolls, VIP Shop Full access, Cash Bonus

Diamond - required points 50.000 Points booster 400% Other benefits: All daily Freerolls, VIP Shop Full access, Cash Bonus

Stellar - required points 125.000 Points booster 500% Other benefits: All Freerolls, VIP Shop Full access, Cash Bonus

Elite - required points 250.000 Points booster 600% Other benefits: All Freerolls, VIP Shop Full access, Cash Bonus

For example, if your players grind at least $35 in a month, they already belong to 4th VIP Tier Bronze (if they play at low-stakes up to $0.02/$0.04 – it's only $25 to rake for Bronze). Actually, this should be an important goal as as of this there are significant changes in benefits: players are eligible to access VIP Shop (20% of the items), the amount of freerolls is doubled from the ones that are available at the lowest tiers. Plus, players can already exchange points to cash.

But do not worry – collecting points at Poker770 is much easier than at probably the majority other online poker rooms. $1 in rake from cash tables rewards players with 20 Points, while $1 from tournament fees rewards 22 Points. Plus, they offer Point boosters up to 600% from whatever you collect in a month! And the best of all, Extra Boosters reward even more points for:

Playing at least 20 days in a month

Making a deposit

Multiplier depends on a Loyalty tier

Multiplier depends on whether the Loyalty tier was maintained or improved

All in all, Poker770 is a fantastic room that is so adept that not only it is one of the top online poker rooms in the world but it is also the one that everybody talks about positively most often. It suits beginners as well as pros and, of course affiliates. We have a fantastic deal at Poker770. There is a $150 CPA deal for any player who joins via you or a 40% Revenue Share deal from what your players rake at the tables. Make your choice at Poker Affiliate World and make your players very happy by offering them Poker770 – it is going to profit you.