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How to Use Social Networks to Boost Traffic and Affiliate Conversions

October 03 2014

ConversionsYou have your website. You produce regular, quality content. You have some regular visitors but would love to see more. Well if that is the case or at least somewhat similar, you may need to up your social marketing game. If you think you can do better, let’s work on it.

First up, if you are alone talking care of your affiliate business or you only have a few people to help you, you will not be able to take up all social networks. Choose the best for you and focus on it.

A Rainbow of Social Networks

You know them. You probably use some of them. But maybe it’s time to cut some social network out? Maybe some new ones have more potential.

Let’s look at the usual suspects:


Facebook has been the biggest social network for a few years now. It doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. For this reason alone it might be worth dedicating time to promote your Facebook brand. You can create marketing campaigns that are simple and affordable, you can automate your website content to be added automatically to your Facebook wall and you can share different kinds of content.
One thing, though. You have to be consistent. Schedule posts, share them, interact with people, work with your brand to raise brand visibility. If you show up once in a week or a month, your brand will not grow as fast as it could.

Invest in good images. Don’t just pick screenshots on the internet. Visit free photo websites like Open Photo or subscribe at paid websites like paid Stock Photos. Find relevant, quality photos to go with your posts. It will make a world of difference.


Twitter is also a great social network for promoting your brand due to possibilities hashtags provide (among other reasons). But it’s a lot different from Facebook. To be successful on Twitter you need to master writing headlines because Twitter allows only 140 characters.

Create your own hashtag.

Re-post. Many social marketers agree that Twitter posts are much better suited for repeating. Often people in different time zones will miss your post so if you think your followers want to hear what you have to say, post it several times during the day, try again in a few day, a week, etc.

Test. Twitter requires you to follow closely what you do and what works. So make sure to test your results every 2 weeks. At least!


Of course, if you don’t’ produce any video content, YouTube is not for you. Or is it?

There are actually a few ways you can make YouTube your brand’s new social network even if you don’t make videos. The main thing about YouTube is that can earn you additional earnings from the subscribers and the views. Even if it’s not a lot.
What kind of content Youtube needs?

Ideally, it should be videos of you playing poker, or online casino, explaining concepts, strategy. Also, you can do video reviews of poker sites (there’s always someone on Fiverr who could do that for you).

If you need a program to record your screen, use Camtasia or any of the free available alternatives. You can also use TeamViewer to record your screen.

You can also make PowerPoint presentations, tutorial videos (with voiceovers or a music track in a background).


If you feel you are competent in your topic, you have to join Quora. It’s a Q&A type of a social network. You can’t really advertise your affiliate gambling website there but it’s a perfect network to answer people’s questions, make them notice your name and remember it next time when they are looking for something of that topic.

However, if you prefer to using your brand name instead of your real name, you probably will have to skip Quora this time.


TiltBook is one of the smaller, niche social networks that you might want to check it out. Niche social networks have the same advantage as well as disadvantage. As they are so small, there is very little noise. However as everyone is talking about and promoting pretty much the same things, it might be hard to surprise and strand out.

But you have to at least give some consideration to one of these niche social networks.

If your affiliate business model includes a lot of images, think about Vine, Instagram, Pinterest and other networks. They will probably not become your brand’s main social networks but why not have accounts if that may help. Especially, when you can automate the process.

Also, PokerNews recently made an article about social networks that poker players use. Maybe that will give you some more inspiration.

It’s only a quick look at social networks and we will be talking more about it next week. But if you have questions now, contact us.

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