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Five Lessons to Awaken Your Affiliate Force

November 11 2014

Whether you’re a Star Wars fan or a “Trekkie”, last week was very exciting fort you. Even if somehow you’re not a fan of either, if you don’t live under a rock, you probably know that Start Wars new movie title has just been released. On Friday it was trending on every social network.

Now, at this point you’re probably thinking that Sci-fi movies and affiliate marketing have nothing in common. And you’re right. However, in our opinion, other industries have some valuable lessons to be learned and applied to affiliate marketing.

Star Wars are Back

For those of you that don’t know, a new Star Wars trilogy will be launched in a year. In 2012 The Walt Disney Company bought Lucas Films and started the production of a new trilogy that wasn’t supposed to see the light of day in the first place.

On Friday the interned exploded with big news - Star Wars Episode VII name was released. The movie that’s coming out in December, 2015 will be called The Force Awakens.

So, what’s the big deal?

On one hand, it’s just a release of a name.

On the other hand, it makes you wonder. How special it is, that just a release of a name get people from all walks of life so hyped up? Pretty special, don’t you think?

Why “awakens”? Was it sleeping? Is it a reference to the fact that this is the first part of a new Star Wars trilogy? People started asking all these questions. Some even said it’s a bit of a spoiler to some of the plot twists in the movie.

Bus we said this is not about Star Wars. So, we will not get into speculation on what the name may and may not mean. But, we believe that there are lots of valuable lessons Star Wars series can teach others. Even affiliate marketers.

Lessons to learn from Star Wars

• So much hype over a title! That’s the magic of a well-thought out title. So, here’s the first lesson – always think about the title. Intriguing, attention-grabbing, unusual. Sometimes clear and simple.
Does it matter how good your content is, if your headlines aren’t clicked?

Make sure for every piece of content you publish, you have at least 5-7 different titles. Then, think about what’s your desired outcome (inform, teach, entertain, etc.) and select the appropriate headline.

• Creating an intrigue does wonders, doesn’t it? Don’t create unrealistic expectations. But, just like the Star Wars franchise, before a big event release the news in bite sized pieces.

In 2012 there was the big news about the new trilogy, then about the actors, photos of the filming, etc. Now, it’s the name.

You can use it too. Whether you are planning a website update, new poker deal, setting up an email list, plan to launch an ebook or a course. Just try it!

• Keep your eyes peeled. You never know what might be the next game changer. Take Harrison Ford. He was once told he’ll never make it as an actor. He had to work as a carpenter in the studios as his acting career was not going well. But then George Lucas offered him the part of Han Solo. … Right place. Right time. And Harrison Ford is a legend.

What we mean is, what’s just a carpenter in the eyes of others, might be a gold mine for you. Be open-minded, experiment. Even if you’re right one in ten times, it will be well-worth the trouble.

• But, if you’ve seen something work, think twice before changing it. The old cast works well so everyone will be retuning in the next movie. From Hamill to Ford and Fisher, everyone will be there.

• Don’t give up. Ever. Even when your business is 37 years old, just like Star Wars, chances are there is something you can take out of it. Maybe you will not earn billions of dollars like Star Wars franchise but that’s beside the point.
What we mean is, if you ever get bored of your current business, don’t be quick to sell it or just quit. It’s very likely that there is a way to make it exciting again.

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