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888 Poker Announce PokerCam Tables

888 Poker Announce PokerCam Tables

by kane posted Feb 25th 2011 at 04:38AM Poker Announce PokerCam Tables Poker Announce PokerCam Tables

Online poker takes a step closer to live poker today, as 888 Poker have launched Pokercam Tables. Pokercam tables allow players to play face to face via webcam technology bringing a true home game experience to the online world.

All 888poker players with a web cam can join specially marked “Video” tables in the lobby and be seen and heard along with everyone else at the table using in-built online communication technology similar to Skype.

This new technology opens up a new dynamic to the world of online poker. It will no doubt provide a fun home game element to the tables with plenty of banter. At the same time this will be the first time that physical tells may play a part in the online decision making process (Unless the player is hiding from the web cam).

Hili Shakked, Head of Poker, 888Holdings stated: “I’m thrilled to offer current and new customers of 888poker this innovative and fun feature. It’s been almost a year in the making and we are delighted at the result.”
“Players can look forward to enjoying a completely new and different poker experience, by simply downloading the new 888poker software on a computer with a  standard webcam. Now the greater challenge will be how  to conceal the big smile when you get pocket aces!”

The special Pokercam tables are available now -  exclusively on the 888poker software.
For more information on how to play Face 2 Face with the new Pokercam tables, visit
With over 5 million registered users, 888poker continues to offer the best consumer experience.

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