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Originally Posted by TheDonk View Post
In addition to what you're saying John, where do you see most online players playing? Probably 70% of them are playing limits smaller than can be found at any casino. I don't remember finding any $.01/.02 FL Hold'em games the last time I was in Vegas. I also don't recall seeing any $1 tournaments. It's okay to spend $9 on a violent movie, then another $20 on Goobers and a kegger of Mountain Dew, but don't you phucking dare put another dollar into that rebuy.

Very good point, we can play only $1-$2 NL in Oregon.. what happens there is that every bankroll sits at the same table. There are a few more options in limit, but i bet ya not as many people would get eaten alive at the NL table if they had a choice of stakes. Opening bet at the $1-$2 NL table was right around $25.00 the last time i sat.
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