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well said Simmo,
The following is a tangent:

What is the difference between gambling at a casino or gambling online? It's gambling either way! At least when your gambling online you can see what time it is, look outside, talk on your phone, or any thing else you see fit, it's not like a casino where they shove free drinks down your throat in order to get you drunk so you lose all of your money. Land based casinos even offer credit lines and such. Also... there are no hookers hanging around the slot machines when you gamble from the privacy of your own home.

Don't get me wrong, I love casinos, and I'll gamble with the best of em... but you can't say most (not all) casinos aren't trashy to say the least. What makes online gambling so bad and live gambling ok? I guess b/c one is regulated and the other is not? It is total bullshit.

They are just gonna spend more money trying to keep people from gambling online. It will probably turn out just as successful as the war on I can see it now, the war on gambling...but just the internet kind.

I may just stay in London after CAP... anyone need a roomate?

Sigh... i feel better now
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