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Default Let Me Review Your Sites

Hi Guys,

I don't typically sell much advertising on my site, but I have decided to do some site reviews using my blog. Basically what I am offering is a review of your site, with links to 3 pages of your choice using my blog ( The blog currently gets several hundred unique hits per day, and your review would be seen from the blog preview on the homepage. Plus I am sure the links won't hurt either.

The pricing for each review will start at $100 for the first 4 and will go up to $150 after that. (paypal only).

The review will be written by me, be at least 400 words, will be honest (I will point out some good, some bad), contain at least 1 image (most likely a screenshot or a logo), and as mentioned above can contain up to 3 links (with keywords of your choice).

I will sell a maximum of 4 reviews per month (spaced out with at least 1 week in between each). These will be offered on a first come/first served basis, so reserve early to be sure to have yours done this month.

Please PM me to reserve your spot or post any questions that you have in the thread.

* Note, I would like to keep this offer only open to affiliate sites (preferably poker, but I could make some exceptions).


*** Advertising Offer: Let Me Review Your Sites ***

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