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Default Introducing US Friendly POker

Thanks For the initiative to fight against the Gambling law. Here we would like to Introduce Our self as a Software development Company and are On the way to Intoroduce US Friendly Poker ,with the innovative Concept of Group Play and Self service Poker .Which will over rule all the prevailing Law in The World and will Not restrict Any Company or Player to Play Poker,But here, we would like to be very clear that unless and Until ,one should be very descipline and ethical and Honour the comittment. For that we have taken Some Step but ,one has to build up there own set of Rule.Breifly i am describing the concept of Group Play as Under ,

Group Play Basic Functioning, which i have not mentioned in the site specifically :
1. Players can create their own group and persons known to him will join the group.
2. There is a facility to enroll unknown persons also based on their credentials.
3. Now since, all the players in the group are known to each other, they can decide the winnings and losses in a particular period of their choice.
4. Detailed Account statement is available for the players within their group.
5. They can decide the Settlement period whithin which the group members will pay each other.
6. Group creator can set his own rules for settlement period, maximum chips, maximum no. of player in a game room.
7. If any person do not pay his lossess after the settlement, his name will be blacklisted and when he will send his credentials to other groups for joining or even in his existing rooms, his this background will be highlighted. So, in this manner it is ensured that any serious player will always clear his dues.
8. Clearing of dues for a settlement period can be done by internet banking or any other medium they choose.
9. In this manner they are not required to pay any sort of rake commissions or extra bank charges etc.
10. Apart from this Group Play feature, this game also contains a very clear video and audio, which will give a feeling of Live Poker Room.
11. Players are having options for making the webcam/audio off if they so desire.
12 . One Should Operate through Escrow account to Minimise the Risak

Hence this concep will over Rule all the Gambling Law Prevailing in the World ,except Italy,where the Fun Play Games are banned.Please Vist Our Site for complete details

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