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Title: Remeber to get your key phrase in here. Dont mention URL! If you are trying to sell concert tickets online a headline could be:

Get Cheap "Different band names" Concert Tickets Online!

Summary: Again remember to get your keyword phrase inhere like we did in the headline/title. summary could be:

Website Offers Dirt Cheap "Different band names" Concert Tickets Online at almost half price!

The Press Release: Convey your message quickly and concisely - use your headline and first paragraph effectively. Get your url within the first 50 words. Remember to use several keyword phrases that reflects your headline and summary in the press release.

In the last part of the PR you should list some benefits and why they should visit the website... always mention the url in the end of article and use not It is also okay to hype your product or website a little towards the end.


Also perfect when you promote poker as an affiliate. Create a guide etc. with some new twist and the visitors from the PR will see your content and perhaps sign up to partypoker or what other poker room you promote.

If you have your own website and or product then I recommend that you make a huge truckload of press releases each going for different keyword phrases. Don’t just go after one keyword such as ”money” this will not give you the same level of success.

Think Quality over quantity… If you are selling a product on how to make money online go after other keyword phrases other than ”money”. Try keyword phrases like ”make money online” or ”online money making guide”… you will get a lot more sales this way because you are targeting your product, and in return you will get ready to buy visitors instead of freeloaders that was searching for ”money transfer services” that just stumbled across your press release…

Sure a few might get interested but the targeted keyword phrases will skyrocket your profit which is the point of running an online business - being popular is fun but making a fat pay check is even funnier!

I Just Wrote 10 Press Releases Like You Requested Kim, What Now?

The next step is submitting all your PR’s to free press release distribution sites such as and Don’t submit all the press releases at once normally I submit one a day, your approach could be different but this is what works the best for me. Also I have 3-5 accounts at both places so if I need to really drive massive traffic to a new website I send out more than one PR a day just from different accounts.

From personal experience is the king of free press release distribution. A normal PR of mine submitted and approved (very easy) will be seen by +40.000 media websites and picked up by at least a few hundred websites even if my press release ”stink” hehe.


Watch Video On How To Use Free PR Distribution Services Such As To Skyrocket Your Affiliate Check!

(Click Here To Watch The Movie - Flash Plugin Needed)


When you have watched the little video on how to signup and use then signup for yourself. Create an account or two and submit one or two of your press releases.

The services these sites offer us is FREE OF charge so you don’t have to donate money each time you submit a press release. While you are learning how to successfully use my strategy on how to use press releases to get search engine rankings and free traffic to your website you don’t have to donate one red penny to these free services. Donating will make it all faster and easier BUT is not required!

When you get better like me you will from time to time donate money for a few of your press releases. I see it like this way if they just earned me me $5,000 last month why not reinvest a little of that money to grow even bigger. is evolving all the time and for a little donation of $40 they can now actually GUARANTEE that your press release will be picked up by google and yahoo news… Very affordable and reassuring if you have a brand hot new product you want to tell your potential buyers about.

Now even if you don’t donate any money and your press release does not show up in google or yahoo news then you will still be showing up in google searches for your targeted key phrases that you used in your headlines and summaries… kinda powerful if you ask me.

It happens from time to time that my press releases will show up in google search in top10 for my keywords. This normally happens when you get +500 pages to pickup your PR (and this does happen!!!)

Also when google picks up the press releases your website will be scheduled for indexing because of your links pointing to your website in the press releases and in many situations your website will actually be listed within a month in google opposite to normal webmasters who sometimes has to wait up to 9 months - all because you are hot news!

Fast Summary Before You Set Your Goals And Start The Attack !

Write a truckload of press releases.

Remember to link to your website a few times in your PR’s (

Remember to use targeted key phrases in headlines and summaries.

A press release should be minimum 250 words and maximum 600 words
(not counting headline + summary)

Signup to and other free press release distribution services such as - is the one to focus on first.

Don’t target your press releases for general keywords instead go for targeted key phrases. So before you start writing down a ton of potential key phrases get inspired and brainstorm a little. You can use tools such as the keyword selector tool tool.

Don’t donate money to these free press release services until you got the hang of it and have reached a few good results.

Use my personal blueprint for writing your press releases.

Wait a day or two for press release confirmation from the press release distributors.

Verify your article has been accepted.

When accepted check when the press release will go online. A day or two after this date begin to search google using your whole headline so you can see if it gets picked up.

Within 7 days you should be able to watch all your new acquired listings in google, yahoo news etc.

Remember it is not always free press releases will be picked up by google and yahoo news without a donation but don’t worry about this.

End report.


Hehe I was working on this little report when I saw your post... was going to make it more detailed and sell it to mainstream webmasters for a few bucks... hehe so I just modified it a little so you can get the idea and start testing yourself.

I have used the above formula for a very long time and it still works good for me.

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