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The first thing I would do is add an area for top 5 sign up or match deposit poker bonuses. I would put it just below the pkr launch area. I think its important to have match poker bonus or something to that affect a couple of times on your home page. And I like having the top 5 poker bonuses or top 5 poker sites staring them in the face.

Next, before I got into this business, I was an avid online gambler. So looking at your site from that perspective, the first page that caught my eye was the deposit bonuses page under poker deals. I was then dissappointed to find out this page consisted of links to other sites. Frankly, I along with alot of your visitors are looking for a poker site to play and we want to know what kind of bonuses we are going to get for doing so, and I don't want to go fishing to other sites to find this. So I would change the online poker deals to other cool sites or something similar so there is no confusion for your visitors.

Next, what you have at the top of the navigation menu excluding home should be somewhere else on the page. I personally like to reserve the very top of the navigation for the links that put greenbacks in my pocket. Put the contact us, privacty policy ect at the bottom or something, these things do not make you money. I think even the advertising should go elsewhere, this revenue is peanuts compared to what you will be making further into the game, so reserve this area for links that will do just that.

Next, I would add the words bonuses and reviews to left navigation title for "Online Poker Rooms". You want it to be as clear as possible what your visitors will expect when they click on a link, and these things are exactly what the majority of your visitors are looking for, bonuses and poker reviews.

Next, I would not have your sportsbooks sites and online casinos links under resources. I would put a title in the navigation menu for other gambling bonuses or something close. Also, having your keywords in your title tag is very important. No one searches for sportsbook resources, try something like "Online Sportsbooks | Reviews & Deposit Bonuses" and the same goes for some of your other pages. You also have the same description tag for every page. This is not good. Lets use your sportsbook page again. Use something like "Provides reviews of online sportsbooks. Find the best match deposit bonuses for betting sports online." And do this for every page and make the keywords relevant to each particular page as well.

And lastly, in the left nav menu I would add what bonuses are available at each poker room. Example
PKR $250
Full Tilt $600
Poker Room $100

You should also get some alt tags going for every single image and fill them with prime keywords. For example, I would put "100% Match Bonus At" for your banner and do so for every single image you have. This is just more keywords that the search engines have to index but try to make each one relevant to the banner or image. Basically dont spam these alt tags, just make them descriptive with a few keywords like above.

I could be off a little on my reasoning here, I am a newb myself and am still learning. But these are the things I would change if it were my site.
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