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Glad to see some good responses and activity on this forum. Have only been here a few days and really enjoy the posts. Im a Regional Sales Manager for a large robotic automation firm. We do a tremendous amount of marketing and I was hoping to share some strategies we use with everyone on the forum. Are marketing group has several brainstorming sessions each year. We lock ourselves up in a hotel for a weekend and drink and discuss new ideas. This has been a great success for us. Thought we could do the same thing here. A couple generic rules to keep things organized.

1. 1 New Idea per post. Anything goes. Nothing too silly or stupid is possible.

2. No flaming ideas. This is about generating new ways to market not putting people down.

3 If you test out a new concept please report back the results.

Anyone up for this? Can we get a sticky on this post if everyone wants to keep it running?
- El Maximo

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