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Deposit Options: BankWire, Credit Card is the creation of an experienced group consisting venture capitalists, bankers, online experts and specialists in Forex. The catalysts for forming this company were the current prevalent discrepancies between clients’ needs and the services offered by most companies. 

ForexCT provides customers with an ideal platform to trade currencies and commodities at a retail level. 



 Advanced Trading System  Easy dealing process
 * No slippage on market orders
 * No Software Download - all web based
 * Single User Interface
 * Deposit instantly with your Credit Card
 * Let's you trade from your mobile phone!                          
  * Trade commission free
  * Hedging Capability
  * Risk Limited to capital on Live Trades
  * Margin Trading from as little as $100
  * Guaranteed Fills on Stop Loss and Limit Orders.
  * 3-4 pips spreads
 Personalised Support  Regulated Market Maker

 * Tailor made Conditions for all Traders
 * Free Trading Tutorial for all registered users.
 * Deposits and Withdrawals in Multi-Currency
 * Free SMS news alerts and real time quotes on your Mobile.

 * Daily & Weekly Forex Research Reports
 * 24/7 support

 * Your money is held in Australia in a Trust Account.
 * Fully Licensed and Regulated
 * Clients in over 100 countries
 * Extensive global network of affiliates and partners
3% of deposit
Player Bonus:
10%up to$2500
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Forex CT Current Promotions

This unique deal scheme is available only to PAW affiliates.

You will receive 3% for Player deposits $0 up to $499,999, (Potential earning of up to $14999.9!)*

More competitive deals can be arranged for deposits higher than $499,999.

Forex CT Player Bonus

10% initial deposit bonus up to $2500

Forex CT Affiliation Requirements

*Deposit must be traded x 100 volume for percentage to be released. Based on a calender month's deposit amount.

Forex CT's platform allows clients to trade with "leverage". 

This means they can control a large lot size with only risking a relatively small margin. 

For example, traders are able to open a trade the size of $100,000 with a margin outlay of only $1000 (1%).  The volume requirement simply means that in order for the percentage to be realized, the total deposits must be traded x 100.

Just like the example above, for every $100,000 deposited monthly, traders must generate a volume $10,000,000.  The use of leverage makes this relatively easy to achieve.

Promote Forex CT

Promotion of Forex CT in USA and Indonesia is not allowed.

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