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Duplicate Poker Table, is a great alternative to the game of poker, and is legal in most U.S. states (with the exception of Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Montana, South Carolina, Tennessee and Vermont or any other jurisdiction in which participation in the contests is restricted by law)., games gives your players a chance to try a new twist on classic poker play. The object of the game is to beat your opponents at other tables with your same playing hand. This reduces the luck in the game and increases the skill in play.

It follows the normal Texas Holdem style poker in almost every way, with a few key differences:

1. It is based on two or more tables of players, with exactly the same amount of players seated on each table.

2. For each hand played, an identically shuffled deck is used.. This means that players sitting in the same position at different tables receive the exact same card, with the same common cards.

3. All players on all competing tables receive the same number of chips on every hand, irrespective of how many a player finished with.

4. A score is generated for each player based on the net number of chips they have at the end of each hand.

5. A player's final score is calculated by comparing their initial score against that of all other players sitting in the same seat position at the different tables. The player with the highest comparative positive chip score wins.

The PAW Network is pleased to have the Affiliate Program on our network. Skill Gaming is becoming larger every day and with

US Friendly:
Player Bonus:
100% up to $350 + $3
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PAW promo $125 CPA

Higher rates can be negotiated for higher traffic numbers

Duplicate Poker Player Bonus

100% up to $350 + $3 free

Duplicate Poker Affiliation Requirements

Players must deposit $20 and be legitimate players to be eligible for CPA

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*CPA deal only for established affiliates, and is at the discretion of New affiliates wishing to apply for CPA, please contact [email protected] for more information.

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