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Jeremy's Best of September Blog Posts

Jeremy's Best of September Blog Posts

by inga posted Oct 2nd 2007 at 04:05AM's Best of September Blog Posts's Best of September Blog Posts

Although I write content for PAW and various other poker websites, I also maintain a personal blog.  This blog is a mixture of personal posts as well as articles that are pertinent to the poker affiliate industry.
Many of these posts never get linked to from Poker Affiliate World in the forums or articles section, however some provide great information for both new and experienced affiliates. I will make an article each month highlighting only the posts in the blog that are pertinent to Poker Affiliates.
This way for those affiliates interested, they don't have to sift through tons of posts over at the blog, and can read only the ones that sound interesting.
I'd love to repost the good ones here, however I would also like to avoid any duplicate content penalties.  Enjoy!


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