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Have you had your Sex and the City?

Have you had your Sex and the City?

by mitchell posted Jun 2nd 2008 at 07:37AM you had your Sex and the City? you had your Sex and the City?

        In fact, i dare you to name a more fearsome foursome of ladies that have got that many of the female population (and males, excuse me) that excited! The show that has appealed and influenced the fashion, sexual habits, lifestyles and emotions of a generation has come back with a huge bang (no pun intended) and i think holds so much promise for affiliate marketing.

You’re probably shaking your head right now, but i do have a point with all this Sex talk.

In the poker affiliate world, unless you’re backed with funding and superb time management skills, it’s common knowledge that it’s marketing suicide to go against the big boys and compete for the whole online poker market.

And those that have tried would know that it can be equally challenging to find new ways to promote to niche target markets. So, when an opportunity like this presents itself, it could prove a huge windfall for those that can recognize and capitalize on it.

So how does Sex and the City come into the picture? I’m glad you asked!

It’s simple: just think outside the box.

  • Offer an exclusive S.A.T.C. freeroll for your players.

Instead of offering cash prizes, offer them something along these lines:

Perhaps a S.A.T.C. (Sex and the City) DVD box set of the series?

Or the new Cosabella Sex and the City lingerie range?

Or other chic essentials that have been made popular by the characters of the show?

It’s all about target marketing here. Indulge your female audience with the dream of owning something from Carrie’s wardrobe, a pair of shoes from Samantha, or even something in Miranda’s quirky day to day habits. There’s another idea in what i just said, but i’ll leave it up to you to be creative.

The key here is to be creative (and i can’t stress that enough).

  • Maximize your local marketing.

Easy step by step directions:

Get an easy to remember bonus code for the room that you are promoting (I’d suggest going along the lines of SATC, sex, sexcity, etc. ). Poker Affiliate World can offer you bonus codes for most of the rooms that are on our network.

Create a competition (e.g. first 100 women to sign up before the premiere are eligible for a S.A.T.C. package – tickets, dinner for 2, Soundtrack etc)

Create promotional material with your bonus code (chic flyers, lipstick cases, powder cases, and other bits and pieces)

Get yourself invited to the hottest Sex and the City parties around your city, or alternatively: why not in front of a cinema?

Get a “Mr Big” type promo guy handing your promotional material out.

And watch as your target market expands.

Whatever method you choose to implement, i hope that this has somehow released your creative nous. Bear in mind that this is just an example of how you can link the outside world to your online affiliating.

You can certainly ride other buzzes for your campaigns. The more you know about your target market and their behaviour/preferences, the bigger your advantage.

Whilst that’s stating the obvious, many people tend to lose sight that there is a bigger range of interests for your target players than just poker. Entice them with the fantasy, and you might just be able to reap the rewards in reality!

Good luck, and feel free to send me your stories and feedback!

Guilty of knowing perhaps slightly too much about Sex and the City and using the word ‘chic’ way too many times in this article, Mitchell Nunis is one big online marketer and movie buff.

Plying his lyrical genius for Poker Affiliate World for the past year or so, Mitchell’s knowledge of the market has driven some of PAW’s most exclusive industry deals, but always has time to stay true to the adage of providing customer retention and satisfaction.

Feel free to drop him an email on any queries regarding the network, or on any of the promotional tools that you will receive through being a Poker Affiliate World member.