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Getting Organized And Being On A Schedule

Getting Organized And Being On A Schedule

by inga posted Nov 5th 2007 at 02:39AM Organized And Being On A Schedule Organized And Being On A Schedule

Getting organized and being on a schedule will help Poker Affiliates overall productivity.
Jeremy discusses the importance of this in his latest article.

Often times affiliates will ask me how I manage to keep things straight.  To be honest sometimes I wonder myself.  Over the years though I have found two things that have helped me be more productive.
The first thing is simply getting organized.  I remember when I was a part time poker affiliate, my office in the spare bedroom was a mess.  I had post-its everywhere and marketing stuff all over the place.  At the time it was even worse because I did a much more offline advertising.  Now days I have tried to go as paperless as possible.  Likewise I try to stay organized online by using Outlook.
With outlook I have more folders than I can even count.  This way once I am done with an email I can simply allocate it to the right place for future reference.  Nothing is worse than looking through a deleted items box and through thousands of random garbage emails for something.  I also used to have an entire desktop full of crap.  The screen on my laptop literally looked like cluttered and messy.  So like outlook, I got everything filed into folders.
Working in a clean organized environment has done wonders for my productivity.  I also think part of being organized is having at least somewhat of a schedule.  Obviously as an affiliate, emails are going to come in, skype boxes are going to pop up, and your schedule will definitely get tossed around every day.  But, it will help you to at least have a game plan every day when you get into the office.
For example with me, I always check my emails first thing in the morning as well as any support tickets that may have been assigned to me.  I know if I get on the internet and start surfing, I could possibly get caught up in a forum thread or end up at a place like 2+2 or NWP where you can easily wind up pissing away hours just reading. You can actually read about A Day In The Life Of A Fulltime Poker Affiliate here in my blog.

Maybe it's just that I am a bit older now than when I started in the internet marketing business.  But the thought of empty cans of red bull and general clutter in my office space doesn't intrigue me.  I have found that having a daily routine and schedule also helps you keep you productive.  Every day you should have a game plan about what you are going to do and what needs to be accomplished.  Working on the internet it, it is so easy to get side tracked and not get anythinng accomplished.
Hopefully this article will get you thinking about your own organization and productivity.  I have worked in both scenarios, and I can tell you that being organized makes a tremendous difference in your bottom line.

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