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  • Niche Marketing for Affiliates

    by kane posted Apr 18th 2007 at 14:00PM
    Niche Marketing for Affiliates

    Niche marketing has been and will always be a very lucrative form of marketing for affiliates.

    Choosing a niche and attacking it can yield many more affiliate dollars in your pockets

  • Resolving The Mystery Behind Branding

    by inga posted Jan 11th 2007 at 13:00PM
    Resolving The Mystery Behind BrandingThis article looks at the mystery behind branding. If you're a new affiliate, this is a must read.

    The article takes a look at the importance of branding as well as gives valuable tips to build your brand.

  • The Value Of A Forum

    by kane posted Dec 30th 2006 at 21:40PM
    The Value Of A Forum

    The Value Of Having A Forum.  Do people with forums really make more than the guys with just regular websites?

    Many will be surprised to know, but traffic is way more important and valuable than forum members.

  • Using Keywords In Your SEO Efforts

    by kane posted Dec 20th 2006 at 21:40PM
    Using Keywords In Your SEO EffortsI wanted to write an article about using keywords in your articles or news for SEO purposes. In such a competitive SEO market for poker affiliates, this is  critical.

  • The Power of Follow Up Marketing

    by inga posted Dec 12th 2006 at 05:01AM
    The Power of Follow Up Marketing

    Not all webmasters realise the power and potential of capturing the contact details of their visitors.

    Using this powerful marketing method you can substantially increase your conversion rates.

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