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Be the coolest kid on the block with Poker Affiliate World

Be the coolest kid on the block with Poker Affiliate World

by mitchell posted Aug 31st 2009 at 13:46PM the coolest kid on the block with Poker Affiliate World the coolest kid on the block with Poker Affiliate World

Being on the Poker Affiliate World network provides you with some of the most exclusive deals and promotions in the industry!

We have decided that you deserve more than the great PokerNews freerolls that you already have access to.

So we thought that we'd go out and secured some of the biggest CPA deals in the industry!

Paddy Power Poker and Cool Hand Poker are now offering you an exclusive CPA deal up to $225 CPA!

And we're not stopping there! We expect to launch another two new brands to the network, with deals that would definitely help your bottom line profits, and get you closer to Big Baller status!

Do you know?

With CoolHandPoker new CPA deal, all existing Cool Hand Poker trackers are now migrated to their massive CPA deal!

Concentrate your promotional efforts into this great new room, and earn up to $225 CPA!

You can now see the automated reports for your Blackjack earnings on Absolute Poker and Ultimatebet!

Simply look at the revenue 2 column in your reports for a breakdown of your blackjack revenue (20% rev share)!

Want to promote your favourite room in another language? Explore our new landing page function!

As long as the room provides the landing page, we will provide that option for you!

This way, you can be sure that you're players are not getting confused with English splashed across their favourite gaming room.

To access this feature, log into your account, go into trackers, landing pages, and make your selection! It's THAT easy!


PAW affiliates can now promote Hansa Poker of the iPoker network.

Affiliates will earn a generous 35% MGR for all players.
Hansa Poker joined the iPoker network in early 2007, following the migration from the Tribecca network.

Hansa Poker offers virtually all variations of poker and betting structures. Additionally, there are games to suit all bankrolls, ranging from under 0.10 all the way up to 100-200 No Limit Hold'em and higher.

But best of all, the competition at Hansa Poker is generally considered to at the soft end of the online poker market. So if you're looking for easy games, this is one of the best places online


Have you sent us your PSP ID yet?

With the PokerStars migration occuring at the end of the month, we want to ensure that the transition will be as smooth as possible for all those that currently have PokerStars trackers on the network.

- You need to continue promoting PokerStars using your PAWSUBXXX tracker until 31 August 2009. To promote PokerStars directly you need to apply at

- All players on your PAW trackers that have not qualified for a CPA payment will be moved to your PokerStars tracker in the month of September. Please email with your PokerStars tracker and PSP username so your players can be moved.

PokerStars have assured us that there should be no loss in stats.

If you would like to discuss your account in more detail and find out how we could help you benefit from this opportunity, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Affiliate Speedpay Closure

We have been notified by Affiliate Speedpay (ASP) that due to their product no longer being financially viable, they will not be maintaining the service and will cease allowing for merchant transfers.

As a result, ASP will no longer be a payment option on the Poker Affiliate World network.

Please note that although further merchant payments to Affiliate Speedpay account holders will no longer be possible, these accounts will remain active so that funds can be withdrawn.

If you have any questions regarding your account, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will endeavor to assist you however we can.


The PAW team

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Eurolinx Announces Liquidation

21. August 2009

MALTA – The Linx Media Group has today announced that it is seeking to put its businesses into liquidation and will cease trading with immediate effect.

As yet, the Linx Media Group does not know how long this process will take, but it will provide updates on the situation as and when information becomes available and when liquidators are appointed.

A company spokesperson from the Linx Media Group stated: “It is with great regret that we make this announcement.  I appreciate the concern and frustration that this will inflict on the Eurolinx, BetOnBet, and Linx Casino player community. Affected account holders are those individuals who have agreed to a contractual relationship with the Linx Media Group through Eurolinx, BetOnBet and Linx Casino. 

All available player funds are held by these businesses. As soon as we have information on how to lodge claims with the liquidators, we will communicate this via, and”

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21Nova Casino
Exclusive deal:
CPA: $100

Cool Hand Poker
Exclusive deal:
CPA: Up to $225

Paddy Power Poker
Exclusive deal:
CPA: up to $225; Share: up to 30%

William Hill Poker
Exclusive deal:
Share: 26%

Absolute Poker
Exclusive deal:
CPA: up to $150; Share: 26%


Want to get a cool $225 CPA?

Cool Hand Poker offers a massive CPA starting from $150 right up to $225!

With a raked hand requirement of just 500, you can give your profits a healthy boost just by promoting this amazing deal!

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PAW Exclusive: Paddy Powers up their amazing CPA!

Paddy Power Poker is offering Poker Affiliate World affiliates an ENORMOUS CPA starting at $150!

Already armed with an amazing 150% up to $600 player bonus, all your players have to do is have deposits totalling $90 or more and a rake of $60 for you reap this amazing deal!

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Hollywood Poker's Value Back Player Programme!

Hollywood Poker's Value Back Player Programme is an exclusive rewards programme giving Cash Back up to 40% to loyal playing members who prefer to earn cash back over receiving other rewards such as tournament tickets, bonuses, merchandise, etc.

With the Value Back Player Programme, the more real money hands you players play, the more Player Points they earn and the more Cash Back they get!

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$11,000 PokerNews Cup Australia Freeroll
Tony G Poker | 2009-09-02 20:30:00

$770 PokerNews Cash Freeroll | 2009-09-04 18:05:00

$22,000 PokerNews Cup Australia Freeroll | 2009-09-06 12:35:00

$770 PokerNews Cash Freeroll | 2009-09-11 18:05:00

$11,000 PokerNews Cup Australia Freeroll
Full Tilt Poker | 2009-09-13 16:35:00

$770 PokerNews Cash Freeroll | 2009-09-18 18:05:00

$770 PokerNews Cash Freeroll | 2009-09-25 18:05:00

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