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" offers the best of both worlds..." offers the best of both worlds, high paying commissions from poker/sportsbook/casino sites and superb affiliate support.

PAW is definitely "the nuts" when it comes to affiliate marketing


1. IT IS 100% FREE - joining is completely free. It is easy to sign up, follow and start making money. And it does not cost a cent. All you need is a computer, internet and some basic computer knowledge. Making money on the internet is a child play!

2. WORK AT HOME - now are the days people can make hundreds of thousands of dollars just by sitting at home. Poker affiliate programs are just like that. All you have to do is to sign up via our site and work on the internet whenever you like or can. The more you work the more you earn, to tell you the truth - our best affiliates do over $100,000 per month, now the question is whether you can beat that?

- the best part is that it is not a single payment, it is recurring every month. For poker players it is a lifetime hobby, so once referred to a poker room they will play for years. As long as they play you get paid. No matter they win or loose, you get paid for that.

4. WHY POKER? - after trying different internet businesses many users turn into poker. This game is very popular all around the globe. Nearly all the time one of the poker rooms gives free bonus money just for registering, which makes easy to attract new players; others give extremely huge bonuses to new players. Also, there is no other market that is being advertize by such events as World Series of Poker, or World Poker Tour. Great/free bonuses, huge poker events makes thousands of people every day to look for a place to play poker at. And your site can be the place!

5. LET THE OTHERS WORK FOR YOU - yet another big deal with poker affiliate programs is that pay not only for new players, but also for finding new affiliates. Speak to some friends and ask them to join your own affiliate program. They will get paid for every new player, but you will get the money too. And that is for life!


We are a trusted poker affiliates company offering the best affiliate programs since 2002. Being in this business for over 10 years we know what affiliates need. PAW already has what others are just preparing for.

On the PAW Network we offer one simple interface where you can retrieve trackers, check stats, download banners, and request one affiliate payment each month.
Whether you're an experienced poker affiliate or an internet marketer just getting started with poker, you will certainly find this website, community, and network to be one of the most valuable tools you have.

We also offer one of the best Casino Affiliate Programs in the online gaming market.

Feel free to drop an email on any queries regarding the affiliate programs, or on any of the promotional tools that you will receive through being a Poker Affiliate World member.